Follow the steps below to create custom letters that you can send to your guests.

1. On the left-hand menu, click Setup

2. Select My Letters

3. Click Add a new Letter to create a new letter

4. To edit an existing letter - click on the Letter Heading for that letter you wish to edit

5. Create a title for the letter to make the content of the letter easier to recognise

6. BCC - you can add multiple email addresses in this field - a copy of your letter will be sent to those addresses (email addresses will not be visible to the guest)

7. You can assign a letter to a specific product - simply select the room that the letter will be applied to

8. You can automatically send your letter for all new online bookings or once the booking has a specific status assigned. Select the desired option from the drop-down list and tick this box to enable this feature.

9. You can use WYSIWIG editor to customise your letter. Click the Source button to enter the HTML mode

10. Choose from the list of variables to add to the letter. Type in the capital letters a variable to instruct the system to automatically enter selected details.

10a. See how the variables can be used - in the letter example below SHOWACCOM and SHOWEXTRAS will be replaced by the accommodation cost and extras cost line

Meaning of all variables:

BALANCEDUE - (Booking Cost + Total Extras By Booking) - (minus) Total Paid Against Booking

DUEDATE - Displays the departure date in the following format, e.g: Sat, 31 Oct 2015

GRANDBALDUE - (Total Cost of the Itinerary + Total Extras By Itinerary) - (minus) Total Paid Against Itinerary

GRANDTOTAL - Total Cost of the Itinerary

LONGDATE - Displays the current date in the following format, e.g: Fri, 27 Feb 2015

PAIDAMOUNT - Total Paid Against Itinerary

SHOWACCOM - Displays the text "Accommodation" and the Booking Cost

SHOWEXTRAS - Shows all the extras

SHOWALLBOOKINGS - Shows all bookings under the itinerary


AMOUNTPAIDBYBOOKING - Total Paid Against Booking

11. Mail Merge is a very user-friendly tool to auto-fill your other letter content. Click on the Mail Merge button and select the information you wish to add:

Type of Field indicates what the auto-filled filed will be about. You can select one of the following options: Agents, Bookings, Itineraries, Operators, Guests, Products, Units. Your selection will narrow down options available to choose from the Field drop-down list. The example below instructs the system to enter the guest's first name in your letter.

11a. Once selected, the auto-filled field will be highlighted like this

12. Once done, click Save button

13. Once saved, you will see your letter in the Correspondence section. Click Letters drop-down to see the list of available letters to send.

14. Select your letter from the drop-down list to send it to the client

15. You can view the email before sending, or just send it.

If you choose a View option, your letter will be displayed in a new window. You can edit the content, print or send a letter from that window as well.