Tour Manager allows you to ask your guest's questions during their booking process. The will also be integrated into your Booking Centre & Agent Bookings.

There is a great deal of flexibility in how you can use booking questions, here are some ideas for you:

•    ask about dietary restrictions if your tour includes a meal option

•    setup promotional codes to provide discounts to past guests

•    link additional product to questions for a seamless up-selling process

•    provide discounts based on specific answers

To setup your own Booking Questions,  follow the steps below:

1. From the left hand menu, go Inventory > My Booking Questions

1. Click here to show Archived Booking Questions - To view Booking Questions that have been inactivated, click here.

2. Add a new set of Booking Questions - Click here to Add a new set of Booking Questions

3. Edit - To edit an existing set of Booking Questions, click Edit or on the Internal Name/Description

4. Archive - Click here to Archive this set of Booking Questions

Add/Edit a set of Booking Questions

When you open the Add/Edit question page, you will see the options below.

1. Name - Give the question/s a name. This is an internal name that guests cannot see

2. For all products/specific products - Choose which product/s the question should be asked on.

3. Question asked per PAX - If you would like to ask the question for each passenger, tick this box. If you leave it unticked - the questions will only be asked once per booking

1. Add a New Field - Add a question that will be asked upon booking

2. Question Mark Icons - Can be hovered over to view further information regarding each field.

3. Internal Only - Selecting Yes will ensure that the question is shown in your Internal Reservation Screen only. Selecting No will ensure the question is displayed in your Internal Reservation Screen as well as your Online Booking Engine and the Visitor Centre's website.

4. Compulsory Answer? - Selecting Yes will ensure that this Question must be filled out before the booking can be completed. Selecting No will allow the booking to be completed without answering the question.

5. Question - Enter the Question here, note that the question will be presented to the guest exactly as entered here.

6. Type of Answer - Here you can select from the below 'types of answers'

    a. Yes/No - Will display a Yes and No option for the guest to select.

    Example: “Do you have any dietary requirements”

    b. Text - Will supply the guest with a free text field where they can type their answer.

    Example: “Please let us know if you have any specific dietary requirements

    c. Multiple Choice - Allows you to enter different possible answer the guest is able to select. Choices will display in a                 dropdown list.

    Example: “How did you hear about us” and then provide a choice of answers such as “Newspaper” “Google” “Friend” etc.

    d. Single Choice - Allows you to enter one answer the guest is able to select.

    Example: "What is your weight" and then provide a choice of answers 60kg, 65kg, 70kg etc.- the guest will be able to select         just one option

    e. None (Alert Only) - Will not require the guest to do anything, will simply display information for them to read at the             Shopping Cart stage.

    Example: “Don’t forget to bring sunscreen and an towel”

7. Possible Answers - Enter the array of answers you wish to provide to your guests as options to select.

8. Default Answer - Select the answer that you wish to appear as pre-selected, if any.

9. Link - If the answer to a question needs to add additional products, apply a rate adjustment or requires another question to be asked, Choose Yes here. This will display further fields below, see Linking an Action to a Booking Question for further instructions.

10. Delete - Click here to delete this Booking Question

Linking an Action to a Booking Question

After clicking on Link Actions you will be shown the fields in the yellow area as displayed above.

1. Answers - Will display all the answers that will be available to your guest, select the answer that you wish to link the action to.

2. Action - Select what action you would like the answer to trigger. Each option provides a field where you are able to add a Message to Guest.

    Make a Cost Adjustment - This selection will provide you with a field to enter the value of the cost adjustment as well as         the whether it's dollars or a percentage.

    Add a Product - Will allow you to select the product you wish to add to the guest's shopping cart.

    Ask a Question - You also have the option to link another question to a particular answer and decide whether or not the         second question is mandatory to answer.

3. Details - As shown above, the fields in this area change depending on the selection in 2. Action

4. Message to Guest - Enter a message that you would like to display to the guest one the Linked Action has occurred.

5. Remove - Click here to remove this Linked Action.