In this article you will find out how to cancel a booking, apply a cancellation fee and refund the payment.

Cancelling a booking

To cancel your booking follow the steps below:

1. Click on the Status field and select Cancelled.

2. You will notice that the products listed under Itinerary Details are crossed out and the cost is changed to 0

3. Total Due amount will show total booking amount in negative. This is the amount that the guest paid.

4. You can now process refund of the total amount or apply a cancellation fee and refund the rest. Scroll down to see how to proceed.

5. If you wish to deal with the payments later, click Save changes and Payments button to complete the cancellation. Your tour's availability will be restored automatically.

Once you close the Internal Booking Screen this booking will disappear from the reservations calendar. It can be found by performing a search for cancelled bookings.


Applying Cancellation fee

You may want to charge a cancellation fee for cancelled bookings.

As you can see from the section above, when the booking is cancelled, the Total Due amount shows the payment total amount as a negative value - this is what the client paid.

To proceed follow the steps below:

1. Go to the Payment tab from the Internal Booking Screen and click on Add a Payment to booking

2. From the payment Type list select Operators Cancellation Fee

3. Adjust the Amount field to reflect the cancellation fee amount. Remember - this value need to be negative

4. Once done, the Total Due amount will be adjusted

5. To refund the remaining amount to the client click on Add a Payment to booking. A new payment options field will appear.

6. Select Refunds as a payment Type.

7. The Amount field will show the outstanding refund amount as a negative value.

8. Once done, the Total Due amount will show $0.

9. Click on Save Changes and Payments.