Credit card details are required upon booking via the online booking engine for auto-confirmed/Gold Medal products. Tour Manager allows you to securely store your clients credit card information.

Important: The Tour Manager credit card vault does not store the credit card's CCV number. 

To access the credit card details follow the steps below:

1. Open the "edit an existing booking" screen and go to the Payments tab.

2. Click on "View credit card details currently stored in the vault" link under the Credit Card Vault section.


3. A pop-up window will appear asking for a password. Enter your Credit Card Vault password - by default this will be your Tour Manager Customer ID (located at the top of the Business Details screen under Setup menu)

4. You can change your default password by clicking on the Change Password link. In the pop up window, enter your current password and a new password (must have at least 6 characters) and click Change Password button.

5. If you don't remember your password click on the Forgot Password link to contact the Tour Manager Support Team.


Once you enter your Credit Card Vault password, the payment details will appear on the screen. The credit card details are displayed as an image and cannot be copied from the screen.

Important: Credit card details are only stored in the vault for up to 7 days from the guest's departure date.