There are several ways to search for existing bookings


1) Main Menu

From the main menu you are able to search for a booking by inserting a key word, itinerary number or booking number.

1. On the right hand side of the console is a quick snapshot of your reservations calendar that shows a fortnightly glance. Enter in a key word, itinerary number or booking number you are searching for and click search.

2. You will be taken to a new page in which bookings with a similar keyword (if used) or number will appear.

3. Scroll to find the correct booking and click on any detail showing to bring up the "edit an existing booking" screen.

2) Left Hand Menu Search

Type in a keyword, itinerary number or booking number to search for a booking.

3 & 4) Reservations Calendar

a) Quick Search

Type in a keyword, booking number or itinerary number to search for a booking

b) Advanced Search

1. Select either ALL, Bookings, Quotes or Other Bookings

2. Select All Products or tick specific tours you want to see

3. Choose the month and/or year in which the booking is in or,

4. If needed, click the double arrows which will open another date range box to extend the calendar to search over more than one month

5. Select which Status the booking was (Cancelled, Reserved, Confirmed, etc).

6. Choose whether your search date is based on Tour Date or Booking Date.

7. Select whether you are wanting your search to appear as a Calendar or Text List.

8. Ticking this will include inactive/archived tours.

And click Search once completing each desired step.

Calendar View:

Hover your mouse cursor to have a quick look of the seats available.

Text List View:

You will notice that your bookings are displayed in different colours - each colour represents a different booking status (Confirmed - red, Reserved - blue, Cancelled - green etc.). Click on any booking information to see the booking details screen.