Setting up Pickup & Drop off Routes

If you run tours where you need to pick up passengers prior to the start of the tour, then you will need to create Routes. A Route could consist of several separate pickup points. Once you create a route you can connect it to as many tours as you like. 

Each route can be connected to many different tours that may have varying start times. Because of this, when you create a route, you enter each pickup point and then the time to travel between each point. With this information, combined with the start and end time of each tour, Tour Manager can automatically calculate the correct time for each pickup point for each tour.

To get started, follow the step below.

1. From the left hand menu, go to the Setup menu and click on My Pickup and Drop-offs.


1. Route Name - This field shows the name of the Route as entered into the Setup area. To edit an existing Route click on the name.

2. Pickup Locations - Displays a list of locations associated with that Route.

3. Remove Route - Click here to Remove the Route, note that this will delete the route from the system entirely.

4. Add a New Route - Click here to Add a new Route

Add a new Route


1. Route Name - Enter the name of the Route.

2. From Pickup Location - To start creating a new route, enter a pickup point. It is suggested to enter the last pickup point prior to the tour start point. In the example above, 'Coolangatta' has been entered first.

3. Up and Down Arrows - You can change the order of your pick up points using the arrows on the left hand side in case an error is made when inserting points.

4. Time between Pickups - Enter the time taken to travel from Coolangatta to the Tour start point

5. Insert Pickup Point - You can easily insert pickup points, or remove them. Ideally you would click "Insert pickup point" and add the next pickup point above

6. Remove - Click here to Remove a Pickup Point

7. Reverse Pick Up Locations - To create drop off points, you can enter them manually, or simply click on the "Reverse Pickup Locations" link to create the drop off points that go in the reverse order of the pickup points.

8. Save - Be sure to click Save. Once you have saved a route, you can add it to one or more tours.