This instruction explains how to add multiple products and save them against the same itinerary.

Using just one Internal Booking Screen you will be able to book various products, ex: accommodation, tour, entry ticket etc.


You can use this functionality within one Tour Manager console, to book multiple products, but it is also very useful for clients using multiple Tour Manager consoles or both Room and Tour Manager accounts linked together (see example below). 

Note that all your consoles must be linked together for you to be able to book their products from - to have your consoles linked please contact our Support Team at


Example of Tour Manager and Room Manager consoles linked together - you can easily switch between consoles using the drop down list:



To book multiple products and save them against the same itinerary, make your first booking as usual, enter guest's details and click on "Make Booking & Payments" button. If you wish you can now record the payment and click Save Changes and Payment button or skip this step and process the payment later.
Important: All payments need to be recorded individually against each booking.


Once your first booking is made, you can add another product to the same itinerary



 1. Under Itinerary Details, click on "Add a booking" link.



2. Your Internal Booking Screen will be updated to let you select your new booking details - you will see the header now indicates: "add a new booking"

3. A new item will appear under the Itinerary section - this field will be blank and the price will not appear until you elect a new product to book

4. Under the Product Details section select the item you wish to book. Select the console your product will be booked from (only applies if you have multiple consoles linked together)

5. The second drop down list shows all products (tours, tickets, rooms) available for booking for the selected console - make your selection

6. Select the dates and number of clients for your new booking



7. Once the tour/room is selected and dates indicated, the Itinerary Details section will be updated. All bookings made against the same itinerary will be displayed under "Itinerary Details" section. You can switch between bookings by clicking on the Item links - remember to save changes before you move to another booking.

8. Itinerary total amount (total cost of all bookings) will be displayed here

9. Click on "Make Booking & Payment" button to finalise your 2nd booking. 

10. The booking form header will now indicate "edit an existing booking" and the itinerary and booking number will be visible. 

11. Record the payment for this booking (note: you can only record payments for individual bookings) or skip this step to do it later.


12. Once completed, you can send the Itinerary, Tax Invoice or a customised Letter for individual bookings or once combined itinerary confirmation or tax invoice that will cover all bookings included in this itinerary