There are 3 ways to add a new internal booking:



1. Click on the Reservation Calendar menu item to see the calendar. Click on the date corresponding to the tour type. Tour type and dates will be automatically selected on your Internal Booking Screen.

2. Another way to add a new booking is to click on the Make/Manage New Bookings menu item and click on the "Make a Booking" link. A blank Internal Booking Screen will appear - you will need to select the tour and dates manually.     

3. If the booking is within the next 14 days, you can also add a new booking to the "Fortnight at a glance" calendar on the home page. Simply click on the date corresponding to the tour type. Just like in option 1. - tour type and dates will be automatically selected on your Internal Booking Screen.



Internal Booking Screen



Booking Details

1. Status: You can allocate a status to each booking such as reserved, confirmed, closed etc. (to customise your status types, go to Setup - My Status Types). When you change the status of a booking, the colour of the booking will change (this will apply to a calendar text view only)

2. Agent: You can allocate the booking to an agent. This will assist you in tracking commissions to pay and if you need to collect payment from the guest. To setup agents go to the Sell/Market Online > Affiliates. 

3. Product Details - Operator: The first drop down field indicates the console your booking is coming from (this field will be useful if you wish to add a bookings from a linked console to your existing itinerary - click here to find out more)

4. Product Details - Tour Product: The second field will allow you to select the specific tour. Once your initial booking is made, you can add more bookings to the same itinerary click here to find out more

If you made your booking by clicking on the Reservation Calendar field - the Product Details section will already be filled

5. Arrival Date: will indicate the date of the tour that you have selected on the calendar

Time: select the tour type you wish to book - this drop down list will allow you to choose from existing occurrences.

Departing: field will be adjusted automatically.

6. Guests: Select number of clients - by default this field is set to 2

7. Seats Remaining: Depending on your selection, this information will change showing how many places are still available for this actual tour

8.  Extras: You can add extras to a booking such as "Airport transfer" or "Mineral water". Extras can be setup under the Setup menu – Extra Types. Once you select an Extra, it will be added to your Itinerary updating the total cost

Guest Profile

9. Search for Existing Guest: If the client has been on your tours before, you can search for their details under the Search for Existing Guest field

10. Guest Contact Details: Or you can enter a new guests details and contact information

11. E-newsletters: To add your client's email address to the ENewsletter mailing list, select Yes under ENewsletter field. This will automatically enable "Receive ENewsletter" option on the  Edit Contact screen (Reservation Calendar - Search Contacts)

12. Postal Details: Add the client's Postal Address if needed

13. Where did you hear about us - this drop down list shows Contact Types and Booking Source options. Select one of the items to ensure that this booking is included in the Booking Source report (Reporting > Marketing Reports)


14. Booking Notes: Add booking notes, such as source of booking or other information that you need to store against this booking.

15. Guest Notes: Any notes you enter under guest notes will be included in correspondence you have with the guest such as confirmation e-mails. Be sure not to enter any internal notes here

PAX/Booking Questions

16. Booking Questions: You can add a booking question to your reservation. Depending on the booking question type this selection can influence the booking amount. Booking questions can be set up under Inventory > My Booking Questions.

17. Pax Details/Booking Questions: Select pick-up and drop-off location for this booking (you can set then up under Setup menu - Tours/Tickets/Events - Pickup/Drop off locations). 


18. Itinerary Details: shows the list of products booked. Tour Manager automatically calculates how much the guest should pay using the rates you have set. If you need to override these with a special negotiated price, you can do so here

19. Add a Discount: You can adjust the rate by applying a percentage discount. Click on "Add a discount" link to see more fields. You can also simply type over the sub-total.

20. Credit Card Vault: To store the client's credit card details in the Tour Manager, type the details in this section. Once the booking is saved, the payment details will be stored in a password protected Credit Card Vault.

21. Add a Payment: Add any deposits or payments you are charging to the guest now. Click on Add a Payment link to see more fields. 

22. Payment Specifics: Select the payment type and double check the amount. Important: if you are using a payment gateway, you must save the booking first before you can process the payment. Click here to find out more

23. Save Quote:  Click "Save Quote" to save reservation without blocking the availability

24. Make Booking & Payments: To complete the booking - click on "Make Booking and Payments" button


25. Itinerary Details: Once you have clicked save, the booking form will change to "edit and existing booking". It will also have an itinerary number and booking number

26. Itinerary, Tax Invoice and Letters: Now you can send out any correspondence you wish to the client. Click on the drop down list to choose a letter. You can edit a default or create your own letter under Setup > My Letters.

27. View/Send: Then click on the View link – to view the e-mail before sending, or the Send Link – to send the e-mail without viewing

28. Itinerary Total Due: If you haven't recorded a full payment at the time of booking - you will see the amount still outstanding. You can add additional payments against a booking at any time

29. Internal Notes: Any email sent from the Internal Booking Screen will leave a note with a date and timestamp here. Information in this field will not appear on the guest's itinerary confirmation.

30. Save Changes and Payments: If you have made any changes to the booking, click on the "Save Changes and Payments" button.