The Business Details section contains all the basic information about your company, including:

- Company name and contact details, business type, location, preferred currency

- Local Taxes/Fees labels and amounts

- Local Taxes/Fees labels and amounts

- Descriptions: of your business, itinerary text, internal notes, directions etc.

- Cancellation Policy

...and more

To access this, under Setup on the left-hand menu, click My Business Details

*Note - Information from this section will be displayed on your website exactly as you enter it, remember to double-check grammar and spelling.

1. Customer ID: This is a unique Customer ID for which cannot be changed. This ID is used as your default password to the Credit Card Vault on the Internal Reservation Screen.

2. Business Name: Enter the name of your business as it is to appear to the public.

3. Email: Enter the email address where automatic notifications are to be sent.

4. Email Notifications: Tick this box to receive an email notification once reservations made by a Bookeasy Visitor Centres are paid in full. If this option is selected, you will receive the expected booking confirmation email as well once the booking has been paid in full.

5. Mobile: Enter your mobile number. A mobile number must be entered to use the SMS notification feature. You can enable SMS notifications in the E-Newsletter Settings.

6. Globalisation: These options apply to your date and time format. Select the locale of your date and time display and the timezone in the second drop-down list. A preview of the date and time for your selection will be displayed below.

7. Currency: Select a default currency for your products.

8. Enter the label for your taxes and the percentage amount - this information will be displayed on both the tax invoice and itinerary for each booking. You can also add it to your customised Letters.

9. Business Location: Enter your full business location in the format as outlined here. This information is used to locate your business in Google Maps and will be displayed to consumers on your website's Online Booking Engine. If you do not enter enough information your location may not be displayed correctly. Once you have entered your location click the Refresh Map button. Click here to see where this information is located on your Online Booking Engine.

10. The Google Map location you have entered will be displayed on the map below with the Google Map marker indicating your exact location. If the marker is not located in the correct spot, you can easily move it by clicking and dragging it to the exact point on the map. The geo-coordinates will be updated automatically.

11. Latitude & Longitude fields: If you know your exact geo-coordinates you can enter them in the Latitude and Longitude fields under the Google Map preview. Enter the correct coordinates and click the Refresh Map button.

12. Location: Select a location that best describes your tour, you will appear in searches on the Booking Centre's website for the search criteria you choose here if this filter is used.

13. Username: The username you use to login to your Tour Manager Console is displayed in the Username field.  Your Username is set during the sign-up process and cannot be updated.

14. Password: Will not be displayed in the console for security reasons. To reset your password enter your new password into the Password field.

*Note - Tour Manager's password requirements will be displayed as you start typing. Your password can be up to 15 characters long. Click Save at the bottom of the page. You will need to use this password next time you log in to your Tour Manager console. Your password can also be changed in Setup - Update My Password.

15. Opening Hours: Enter your opening hours in sentence format.

16. Point of Difference: We recommend using a short, snazzy description here as a marketing tool to help make your business stand out from the rest!  One or two lines is ideal. The point of difference is the opening statement that is usually displayed on the online booking engine on your website or at the top of the main page of the Booking Centre’s website. This is your first opportunity to really sell your business. Tell your customers why you are different from your competition. Short and sweet is best, we recommend 1-3 sentences.

17. Directions from your Nearest Town: Include a detailed description and enter the street directions from your nearest town. Explain it clearly and from all possible directions and entry points. Try to include landmarks the guest will pass along the way so that they know they are on the right track. These directions are also displayed on the guest’s itinerary to make it easier for them to find you, as well as on your online booking engine.

18. Business Description: This is the main description which will display above the online booking engine on your website. On your Booking Centre's Website, this will be shown below or along with your point of difference. Provide the customer with a detailed description of your business and what they will love about it. Be creative and engage your reader!

19. For Booking Centre Staff Only: Text that you enter here will display to Booking Centre staff only, in red. You may want to include details that are important for them to know, for example, "Can negotiate discounted rates in quieter periods. Please call Kay to discuss".

20. For Itinerary Only: Text that you enter here will display to the Booking Centre staff as well as your client/guest, and will be displayed on the client's itinerary. You may include information that is important for them to know, for example, 'Please call on mobile if the office is closed', or if there is no information of this nature, you may just wish to say 'Thank you for your booking. We look forward to meeting you'.

*Note - The information you enter into this field will only be made available to your guests once they have fully paid for their booking.

21. Hot Deals Text: Relates to Seasonal Rates users only, please disregard this field.

22. Bank Details are used by your Booking Centre to pay you your returns for bookings (i.e. monies owed to you for bookings received).  Enter the details of the bank account you would like the funds deposited to.

23. Limit Back-to-Back Bookings: Select this option to prevent bookings being added to the cart where one tour is the day after the other. Only applies to your external users. For the Booking Centres: this option will only be used if the Booking Centre has their option turned off. If a guest attempts to add a back-to-back booking to their shopping cart in the gadgets, they will receive an alert stating "Back-to-back bookings are not able to be made. Please revise your dates or check-out your existing cart first." and the product they're attempting to add will not be added to their shopping cart.

24. Display Booking Questions in Manifest: Tick this box to include Booking Questions and answers in the Tour Manifest

25. Only Send Email when Fully Paid: When this option is enabled you will only receive one email confirmation a reservation and only once it has been fully paid.

26. Cancellation and Indemnity Policy: Type your cancellation policy here. This policy will be displayed for bookings made through your website's online booking engine as well as those made through the Booking Centre.

27. Tourism Accreditation: If your business is Tourism Accredited, tick the Tourism Accreditation box.

28. Tourism Accreditation Number: If you ticked the previous Tourism Accreditation field, please enter your corresponding Tourism Accreditation Number here.

*Note - Once you have completed editing Business Details section, press SAVE to return to the Home Page.


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