Tour Manager operators can apply a ready-made online booking engine to their website.  

This is available on your Tour manager  console >> Setup >> Booking Engine Settings

The Booking Engine:

  • Connected directly to your Tour Manager console for live rates and availability

  • Bookings will drop directly into your Tour Manager console

  • Product descriptions, cancellation policy and imagery will pull directly from your Tour Manager console

  • Setup as direct link or embedded (via iframe)
  • Google Analytics and/or Facebook Pixel Tracking

The below slides provide a guide to help you understand and manage the booking engine. 

The Tour Manager booking engine functionality is available at no cost to Tour Manager Clients.

If your Tour Manager booking engine is embedded:

You will need to edit the existing Tour Manager gadget code on the operator's website.  Please ensure that you change the following parameter:

Parameter to change in GADGET CODE:

BE.gadget.cart('#im-cart', { bookingURL: '<insert operator id>&controlId=6' });


ie:  BE.gadget.cart('#im-cart', { bookingURL: '' });    

The operator id is available on your Tour manager  console >> Setup >> Business Details - operator ID
ie: q=90193 is the operator's ID

Gadget Documentation:

Please ensure you read all the supplied documentation through carefully before requesting assistance in managing Gadget functionality for your development. Also, ensure that the actual website is fully mobile responsive including the CSS. We do not recommend putting the gadget in an iFrame as putting this in an iFrame restricts the gadget from being responsive. Room Manager support are not web developers and cannot offer support on the embedding of the booking gadget. As Room manager supports our booking links any assistance provided for embedded booking engine elements and troubleshooting will incur charges.

This is easy to setup on your website however if you do not manage your website, please contact your Web Developer (note: your web developer may have charges).