Tour Manager has multiple different payment gateways that link to Tour manager directly to be able to process booking payments inside your console:
  • SecurePay
  • Bendigo Bank
  • eWAY
  • Bill Express
  • Money Direct
  • Payment Express (PX)
  • Payment Express (PXPAY)
  • Paypal

Getting Your Online Gateway Setup
What is a Secure Online Gateway? A Secure Online Gateway is a way for you to receive cc payments online from your website. Tour Manager integrates with SecurePay and Bendigo gateways. We are a referrer for SecurePay 
What is an Internet Merchant Account (IMA)?
An Internet Merchant Account (IMA) is an account set up through a bank, which allows the retailer to accept credit card payments from customers via the Internet using their preferred Secure Online Gateway. 
The above diagram is an example of the process from when a client makes a booking online via your website, and right through to when it hits your designated bank account. This usually takes up to 24 hours. 
1. Decide which Secure Online Gateway you will use. This may be dependent on the bank that you are banking with and what they integrate with. We recommend SecurePay. 
2. Apply for an IMA with your bank or you can apply with this link to securepay.


We would suggest that you reach out to Bendigo Bank, for further details and pricing for Internet Merchant Account (IMA) that can be used as a payment gateway:


Tour Manager is a referrer of Securepay,  you can signup online via:
Tour Manager:

You will then be able to enter our referral Id: JDB02

Please visit this link for pricing information -

Please be advised that this process can take up to two weeks for Bendigo or Securepay to complete. Once this activation is complete with Bendigo or Securepay  then you will receive an email of your activation details from Bendigo or Securepay Support. This will then need to be activated on your Tour Manager account under your Tour Manager Setup >> Control Details >> Payment Gateway  - Securepay.
Note for Securepay: That your merchant ID number is your transaction ID from Securepay

Tour Manager highly suggests you run a test booking on your account on the initial set-up and leave this for 24 hrs before reversing to ensure that funds are being successfully being transferred into your business account from Securepay.

Please contact our friendly support team via return email to if you need further assistance with establishing your Securepay details in your Tour Manager Account.